How You Can Help

I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have shown genuine interest in my trip to Africa this summer. For those who don’t know, I’m going to be providing technology training to teachers, school administrators and educational leaders in South Africa and Kenya as part of a Teachers Without Borders – Canada team. I’ve had a lot of people approach me, wanting to hear more about the trip, when I’m going, how long I’m going to be gone, and what I’ll be doing. During the six-week trip in July and August, we will be helping teachers learn to use … Continue reading How You Can Help

Gonna Take Some Time to Do the Things We Never Had

Baloo, our 75-pound dog, tirelessly guards the back yard from any and all wildlife.  Squirrels, groundhogs, opossums, cats, and birds are not welcome, and he makes sure they know it. He’d keep the rabbits away, too, if Mom would let him. His rule is that anything that moves is not allowed in HIS yard unless one of his people says it’s okay. Wild animals are little. And while they’re difficult to catch, they’re easy to chase. This arrangement has worked well, and he has enforced the eviction of various critters over the years. But one day, he came around the … Continue reading Gonna Take Some Time to Do the Things We Never Had