Who Am I?

John Schinker has been working in the field of educational technology since 1993. He began his career as a middle school computer applications teacher, and has taught in three different school districts in northeast Ohio. He holds degrees in Computer Science Education and Instructional Technology.

Taking inspiration from usenet, John was an early proponent of the use of asynchronous communication tools in an educational environment. In 1994, he set up a bulletin board system for his students to use, and four years later was conducting research on using online discussion boards with middle school students. In his current position, he encourages teachers in K-12 to use modern collaboration tools to accomplish the same goals.

Currently, John is the Director of Technology for the Revere Local School District in Ohio, a suburban school district consisting of four schools, 2700 students, and approximately 400 employees. He is responsible for all aspects of operational and instructional technology.

In 2015, John led the implementation of a digital learning plan, with a 1:1 Chromebook program at the center. This plan emphasized pedagogical change through technology, focusing on project-based learning, differentiation through formative assessment, and development of student collaboration and problem solving skills.

From 2007-2014, John co-hosted the EdTechWeekly webcast on the EdTechTalk network. This interactive web discussion reached more than 1,000 weekly listeners through its live broadcasts and podcast archive.

In 2009, John participated on an international Education Beyond Borders team to provide technology training and capacity building for teachers in South Africa and Kenya. He spent six weeks facilitating professional development workshops in Africa as part of this experience.

John has presented at numerous educational technology conferences in the United States. He occasionally blogs at https://schinker.wordpress.com.

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