What a Ride

The quote of the year came from teacher Tom Mulhall as he emceed our annual retirement celebration. “Never before have so many been so envious of so few.” It’s an exciting and difficult time in education. In many ways, this was both the best and the worst year we’ve had in a long time. Here are some of the highlights: The Attack Continues. Public schools are a failure. The United States is falling behind. Despite the best test-prep programs our government can dream up, we can’t keep up. It doesn’t matter that poverty is the real problem, or that we … Continue reading What a Ride

If You Come, They Will Build It

Several people have asked me recently about building personal learning networks. They’ve seen the promise of networked learning. They understand that connecting and collaborating with other professionals on common goals and challenges can be beneficial for everyone. But how do you find those people? In my case, I took the slow road. I blogged. I read others’ blogs and commented on them. I listened to podcasts, and eventually got mixed up in a webcasting community of educators. It’s funny that I eschewed Twitter for so long that when I finally signed up in late 2007, everyone said, “where have you … Continue reading If You Come, They Will Build It