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I just found one of the really big problems with podcasts. I was listening to a podcast a month or so ago, and I heard the people talking about digital immigrants and digital natives. One of the points that was made really struck a chord. Of course, they said that the students of today are digital natives, and they’ve grown up with the technology. Their teachers, on the other hand, are digital immigrants. We’ll always "talk digitial" with an accent. They pointed out that there are always artifacts among digital immigrants, just like there are with real immigrants. There are always some things that they just don’t quite get. One example of this is the practice of printing out email (or having one’s secretary print out the email). As the discussion progressed, one of the speakers pointed out that college students have moved beyond email. When communicating with their peers, students use synchronous tools, like text messaging and IM. They only use email when communicating with adults. This was compared with cultural immigrants. The kids know Russian, but they only speak it when talking to Mom and Dad. The rest of the time, they use English.

I know that I listened to this podcast in my car on the way to work on either December 16 or December 19, because on the afternoon of the 19th, I talked to a current college student about it. He affirmed that he primarily uses email to communicate with his parents and his professors.

Yesterday, I referred to this in an email message, but I couldn’t find the source. I don’t know where I heard it. Now, I only listen to a few podcasts. If I had to guess, I would say that this either came from Ed Tech Talk or Bit by Bit, though it could theoretically have come from an NPR technology story or a Future Tense story. But I can’t find it.

In the text world, Google would be my friend. I’d type in a phrase, and find it in a couple minutes. But with audio, there’s no index. It’s not even transcribed, let alone indexed and searchable. So how do I recall something I listened to on the go? I’m going to have to take better notes when driving… 🙂

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