Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I was complaining (in Searching Audio and Found It) about not being able to search audio archives. I was looking for something I heard in a podcast, and couldn’t find it, and, since it was audio, I couldn’t Google it either.

Along comes PodZinger. This is a search engine for podcasts. I looks like they take the podcast audio, convert it to text, and make it searchable. In the search results, you can listen to the audio from the podcast that matches what you searched for.

For example, I searched for "digital immigrants" (with the quotes). It found three hits. The third one was the Bit by Bit episode I was looking for. Right next to the search result was a play button, which I could use to play that part of the audio from the show.

The site doesn’t say anything about it, but somewhere on the back end there has to be a complete transcript of each podcast in order for this to work. I’m guessing that they may offer this as a service in the future.