Finding Education Podcasts

I’ve described podcasts, and given some examples of podcasts about education and technology. But technology is not an end unto itself. If these things are going to be useful for teachers, we have to use them to teach science and social studies and math. You can search the general podcasts repositories, but it’s hard to find things there. The categories are very broad, and there aren’t enough subcategories.

The Education Podcast Network has a directory of podcasts relating to education. There is an area that has podcasts about teaching, learning, and technology, but it goes beyond that. There is also a directory of podcasts produced by students as well as a directory of podcasts organized by subject.

Take science, for example. There are 25 podcasts listed related to teaching and learning science. Included are podcasts about the environment, space, current science news, and the impact science and technology have on society. The podcasts are produced by organizations all over the world. Similar directories exist for other subjects.

Among the school podcasts are dozens of podcasts produced by elementary, middle and high school students. The site also includes information about getting started with your own podcast, but I’ll address that another time.

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