This is a test to see if I can post a podcast. As it turns out, I can. Here are the limitations, though:

  • If I just post the podcast (like the high school people do for the morning announcements), I get the file just fine in my podcast receiver. I don’t see it on the blog though, so I can’t download it directly without subscribing.
  • I tried to attach a file to the post, and to just use the URL of the audio file. That doesn’t work. It results in a 0K file that can’t be opened.
  • If I attach a file to the post, and actually select the MP3 directly, it works. That’s what this post is. The down side is that the file is actually on the server twice — once to download via the feed, and once embedded in the post. This approach generates the "attached files" stuff below.
  • Theoretically, I could also just link to the feed version. That would look like this:

Download the podcast here.

In any event, it’s a little more complicated than I initially thought, but not much.