A couple weeks ago, we had Alvin Trusty in to speak to the staff about teaching with technology. He touched on a lot of different topics in his presentation, including the Ohio Academic Content Standards for technology, the need for teachers to keep up with new technologies, and several web 2.0 applications.

Many of the teachers reported later that they were overwhelmed by the presentation. Most of them had no previous experience with any web 2.0 technologies, and were completely unfamiliar with RSS, podcasting, online applications, and many of the other things he talked about.

Alvin closed his presentation by challenging the teachers to learn one new technology per week. By doing that, you’re not overwhelming yourself with new, complicated, confusing technologies. You’re just taking it one step at a time, while continuing to learn about new things.

To help, I’m going to highlight many of the things in Alvin’s presentation here. Teachers in the district can also access his PowerPoint presentation by looking at the file "alvin.ppt" on their T: drives.

Look for the first of these articles within the next few days. In the meantime, you can look at the things I’ve already written about by looking at the various categories. Start with "Online Resources" or "Teachers".