Math Podcasts

This is the second in a series of posts about podcasts for teaching and learning. A number of podcasts are available to help supplement classroom instruction in a variety of areas. This time, we’ll look at math.

The Mathgrad Podcast discusses everyday math for everyday people. The goal is to discuss the mathematics behind many real life topics in a way that even the worst mathphobe will gain some insight. Topics range from the math underlying voting schemes to the mathematics of loan payments.

Dan’s Math Cast is a math podcast for students created by math teacher and textbook author Dan Bach. The show features stories, challenge problems, and clear explanations of the beautiful world of math.

The Math Factor is a short podcast that poses a problem each week. For instance, suppose someone has a bag full of red balls and blue balls. He pulls four balls out of the bag, and they’re all blue. He tells you that there was a 50% chance of that happening. How many balls were in the bag when he started, and how many were each color?