Did You Know?

WorldKarl Fisch is a technology coordinator at Arapahoe High School in Colorado. Each year, he is given the opportunity to speak at the school’s opening day meeting. In the constant struggle to come up with a message that would be beneficial to everyone, he came up with a PowerPoint presentation about the changes coming from globalization and technology. While most of his content comes from other sources, he does a great job of putting it all together in a concise package.

If you want the easiest download, get this one. If you go to his blog post about the presentation, though, you can download the original Powerpoint file, read the background on the presentation, and participate in the conversation that it’s started.

Update: I showed this to our district tech team on September 18, and used this version. It has the information specific to AHS removed, along with a couple extra slides. Some of the tech team members are planning to use this at upcoming staff meetings.