Summer Renewal 11: Find Curricular Resources

TreasureThis is an easy one, but it may take some time. It’s one of those things you’ve been meaning to do when you have more time. That time is now.

The web has all kinds of great resources to enhance your teaching. Back in April, I mentioned several sources of great instructional materials, including these two:

I was looking at the Open Educational Resources site… It looks like it’s a shared resource for all subjects and all grade levels. Teachers can use it to look for activities targetted to specific learning objectives at specific grade levels. They can also contribute their own ideas, links, and resources so others can use them. Very cool.

Then, there’s the Ohio Treasure Chest of Technology Resources. North Canton’s technology integration guru, Eric Curts, has created this site and its accompanying blog and podcast to showcase valuable resources that correlate with Ohio’s academic content standards. The site has thousands of resources, and all of them have been reviewed and submitted by teachers.

My original post about these lamented that there’s never enough time to really dig into these kinds of sites and find the valuable gems. But it’s summer. It’s August, even. You’re starting to think about school already. Even if you won’t admit it to anyone but yourself, you’re starting to plan for the coming year. Now’s the perfect time to dig into these sites.

Assignment: Go to both of the web sites listed above, and find at least one resource that relates to something you teach. Do you know of better resources than these? Post a comment and let us know about it.