Free Books, Part 3

Trinity College Library, DublinAll right, so maybe the National Academies Press isn’t your thing. Admittedly, it’s a bit on the tech/science/research/serious side, and that’s not always what we want to read before turning off the night light. Maybe The Open Library is more your style.

The Open Library website provides free access to book collections from around the world. Rather than simply providing the text of the books, the pages are scanned and displayed in an intuitive interface for reading online. Books in the public domain can be downloaded, shared, and printed for free. Alternatively, you can have them printed and bound by a third party for a nominal fee.

The Open Library is a product of the Internet Archive. It’s meant to show how books can be shared online without losing the character of the physical volume. While the selection is limited in the Open Library, they’re adding to it all the time with selections from the Internet Archive’s 250,000 books, which are also available online for free.