“Is this file too big to send in an email?”

“Why, yes, I’m glad you asked.” I had spoken to a teacher on just this topic earlier in the day, after she tried to send a 100 MB attachment. Several times.

Senduit logo“So how am I going to get it to him?”



“Send you it.”

“How does it work?”

“Go to the web site. Browse for a file on your computer to upload. The file can be up to 100MB. Decide how long you want it to be available (30 minutes to one week). Click the giant upload button. It will upload the file, and give you a customized web address to that file. Then, just email the link to someone, and they can retrieve it.”

“Aren’t there privacy concerns?”

“Well, technically, yes. There aren’t any passwords involved, so anyone with the web address will be able to retrieve the file. But the custom generated address is cryptic enough that people aren’t going to be able to guess it. Still, I wouldn’t use it for confidential documents.”

A few minutes later, the link was on its way to the recipient, and everyone’s email servers were happy.