Introduction to Moodle

This week, we’re offering two professional development classes on using technology in the classroom. In the first class, we’re covering a series of interactive web tools including Protopage, Blogging, Podcasting, Wikis, and Moodle.

Because he introduces this better than anyone else in our district, we convinced middle school teacher Joe Zenir to introduce this for us. Here’s the video of his presentation:

5 thoughts on “Introduction to Moodle

  1. THIS is the heart of Educational Technology: an Ed Tech specialist teaching a teacher who uses the technology to enhance the classroom and educational experience of his students, then goes on to teach other teachers. Powerful, paradigm shifting stuff. Bravo.

    Now – how to we make it spread faster and wider, to other school districts, teachers, and ultimately, students?

  2. John,

    Thanks for your help all week. I enjoyed this very informative class. I just need to figure how to put all the pieces together. During your searches and work all summer long, let me know if you come across a programmable alarm clock that the 6th grade teachers can put on their computers. It would be great if we didn’t have to set it each day.


    Mike Battista

  3. I loved your technology class last summer, and I was first in line for this year’s encore. I’ve been using both my Protopage and blog daily since then, and have had the best results both personally and professionally. Not only have I saved time, but I am more productive. I have loved the RSS feeds, I have learned and read more than possible before. The change has been evident in my students as well. The seventh graders have enjoyed my classroom blog, it’s amazing how motivating and helpful they find its resources and posts. Next year I plan to get my feet wet with Moodle, I’m confident that learning will reach new levels. Learning about, Skipe, and all the other new technologies this summer has been both exciting and eye-opening all over again. I cannot wait to share these ideas with my new students this fall. Thank you, for being and inspiration!

  4. John,
    Thanks for all you help this week. I am really excited about taking what I have learned an using it in my classroom. I have created 2 protopages (1 personal) and 1 for my students (check it out I linked my blog and moodle to the protopage. I really think that these will be used on a daily basis. Right now I am more fond of moodle as opposed to blog, however, I’m plugging away and becoming more comfortable with blog. Delicoius is a God-sent as I am always looking for ways to have my favorites accessable and organized. This is linked in my personal protopage. I am looking forward to networking with my friend that teach through out the country. sharing these files is something I’m looking forward to. I also plan on using ustream and skype to have my class communicate with these other classes across the country.
    Here is a link to an article inwhich I responded in the form of a blog.
    I am excited to use this technology and to share it with my students on the smartboard and colleagues. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  5. I really lliked the single walkie-talkie comparison. Judging by the comments to your post, you’ve had a very successful session with the staf. Congrats.


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