Teaching in Our Teens

In his breakout session at our March 5 inservice program, Zac Chase started with one question: What do you want to learn today? The session became a conversation between the presenter and participants, highlighting some online resources, some new ideas, and some different perspectives.

The topics discussed run the gamut from overcoming the challenges of time to finding useful resources for classroom projects to figuring out how to effectively use these technology resources in actual class projects. Zac briefly addresses his school’s approach to ethical issues around filtering, cheating, and personal responsibility. He gives his take on various approaches to curriculum and assessment mapping. He also recommends several books on working with today’s teens.

The video of Zac’s presentation is below. A list of links to the resources he mentions is available on Delicious.

Teaching in Our Teens from John Schinker on Vimeo.

Zac Chase blogs at autodizactic.com. You can follow him on twitter at mrchase.