Classics for Kids

It’s hard to make classical music accessible to kids. It’s generally a "grown up" kind of thing. We have to get dressed up and go to fancy concert halls, sit quietly in our seats without fidgeting, and listen to boring music without words.

Cincinnati’s classical public radio station, WGUC, is trying to change that perception with their "Classics for Kids" program. While the radio show is only available on a few stations, anyone can listen online. Each six-minute show focuses on a single composer and a composition or group of compositions.

In adition to the audio programs, the web site has a collection of musical games, information about the instruments in the orchestra, and other fun activities. The teacher resources include lesson plans for different grade levels and resources to help teachers become familiar with different music education methodologies and musical terms. The parent section has many resources to help parents introduce their children to classical music, and to make it fun and exciting for them.