Language Arts Podcasts

In this installment from the series of posts about podcasts for teaching and learning, we’ll take a look at podcasts related to language arts. There are hundreds of podcasts related to English, language, literature, and writing. Here are a few:

Today’s Podcast is a short program about an interesting word or phrase. They’re typically about two minutes long, and recent episodes have addressed words like inanity, oubliette, and trefoil. Despite its name, new episodes are sporatic, generally appearing about twice a month.

Book Voyages is a podcast about children’s literature. It’s produced from the perspective of a media specialist, and includes book review and interviews with authors.

The Word Nerds is a weekly podcast about language and words. Each episode explores a particular topic, such as deception, or puns, or race and language. Occasionally, the show may contain content inappropriate for children (such as the "locker room lingo" show), but these episodes are clearly marked, and an explanation is provided when they’re not suitable for all audiences.

The Secrets is a podcast about writing for people who want ot become professional writers. It includes suggestions for story development, character arcs, handling conflict in your stories, and building a career as a writer.